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Long, Plush and Short Coats

Blk/Tan, Blk/Red, Sables and Whites
West Virginia   304-788-5131,  304-897-6013

Here at Selah Shepherds you will find honesty & integrity first and foremost! On our site you will find Alice`s German Shepherds and Becky`s German Shepherds.
Mother and daughter, with our long term family partnership, we voice the same goals and same ethics, while sharing in the same old lines that we have learned to appreciate. We out cross very carefully with only the lines that would add to our type ...

Our breeding program produces the Old Fashion Style German Shepherd  that has made us memorable, in many a home that has one of our  Gentle Giants. Our goal is to produce Large healthy puppies, with the even temperament that's ideal for the family, while pulling back the German Shepherds of Yesterday. The OLD Fashion Look that has the level top line , with that tall, head up appearance . We offer both coats, the short coat and the plush (long coat). Our king size shepherds here at Selah have made us proud.
We live in different locations, but we are still in the Wild and Wonderful West Virginia. Visitors are welcome by appointment to visit us and meet our dogs.