Large Old-Style German Shepherds

The following breeders have combined their 83 years of breeding experience in genetics, veterinary medicine, showing, training, and child-rearing.  With this vast experience, we have focused on developing and producing Large German Shepherds with size, good health, that are high in trainability, as well as having excellent temperaments.

Working closely together as a group, we are able to identify any genetic, congenital or temperament faults much quicker than the average breeder. By early identification of these faults, we are able to minimize or completely eliminate these faults, before they become a problem.
We are devoted to producing dogs for the family in mind, since 92% of all dogs are acquired as a family pet. The Large Old Style Shepherds (Some people refer to them as Giant, Old Fashioned, Oversized etc), are of old German/American lines (no show lines).   These dogs tend to be larger in size, have level top lines, are easy to train, have medium to low drive, are excellent with children, and are always extremely loyal to their owners. Our dogs not only excel as wonderful family companions, but therapy dogs, service dogs, SAR, or obedience prospects.

As a group, we are dedicated not only to breeding quality GSD’s, but in education, always being polite, honest, helpful, and extremely supportive of our owners, or with people who contact us inquiring about our German Shepherd Puppies.

Long, Plush and Short Coats
Blk/Tan, Blk/Red, and Sables

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Plush and Short Coats
Blk/Tan, Blk/Red, and Blk/Silver

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