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Diamond Oaks German Shepherds
Long, Plush and Short Coats
Blk/Tan, Blk/Red, and Black

California   951-600-0667

Welcome to Diamond Oaks German Shepherds. We continuously strive for quality healthy puppies. We offer excellent bloodlines with the majority of our pedigree-genetics imported from Schutzhund Champion German working lines. With over twenty years of experience we know these lines to be highly intelligent, loyal, natural protectors, loving and most of all easy to train. They have a great level of focus and confidence. ​ Our dogs are born and raised right in our home, enjoying a family ranch environment. We put every effort into caring for our puppies offering lots of love from the very beginning. Human touch and interaction is very important as I keep a close eye on them and the mother at all times. All my puppies are accustomed to the in home sounds and interaction from birth, imprinting in home behavior from the start. Our pups are not yard dogs. We are proud of our puppies and we hope they can become a loving family member in your home. We are dedicated to being there for the families that purchase our puppies. We provide our puppy's family support for as long as they need us. We have over 25 years of raising great German Shepherds as well as over 45 years of handling & training these beloved dogs and we are always accessible via phone or email. You will not be ignored, ever. We actually encourage and highly appreciate updates on your puppy's growth progress and always love to see photos which we post on our Facebook page. We shed tears for each puppy that leaves our ranch and would love nothing more than to know they are living happy healthy lives in their new home.